AV 自行车座上装了个按摩棒,骑着上街


主演:杰克·帕兰斯 劳拉·贾姆瑟  


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AV 自行车座上装了个按摩棒,骑着上街云资源

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AV 自行车座上装了个按摩棒,骑着上街云资源

AV 自行车座上装了个按摩棒,骑着上街猜你喜欢

AV 自行车座上装了个按摩棒,骑着上街剧情介绍

AV 自行车座上装了个按摩棒,骑着上街 Judas, a wealthy playboy living in Hong Kong, is obsessed with snakes. His apartment is full of them, and he treats装了 them as i自行车f they were his children. One night Judas brother persuades hiav m to accompany him to 个see a dance act a座上t a nightclub. Judas is astounded to see that the act consists of a beautiful Asian woman who dances nude while holdi自行车ng a python. He is immediately smitten, and wav inds up hiring her to take care of his snakes while hes awav ay on business. However, things start to take a sinister turn.

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